Strollo is rented out through a vast network of pick-up and drop-off spaces at airports, train stations, tourist offices… Simply book your Strollo online and unlock the digital lock upon arrival with the Strollo app. With Strollo, the value is shared: users only pay for usage, not for ownership, Strollo-partners can earn back their investment through its usage fee.


The Strollo is destined to last for generations by applying lean manufacturing principles: it is made with solid, 100% reusable materials and it’s easy to repair thanks to its interchangeable parts. The Strollo can be used and re-used over and over and over again. Low in production cost, high in longevity.

Wherever you
may stroll

Gone are the days of traveling with bulky strollers. You don’t have to worry about trunk space, luggage restrictions, or cramped train compartments no more. Thanks to its open and widespread rental platform, your Strollo will be waiting for you at your destination.

How we stroll

Care, don’t carry
Let the good times stroll
They see me strollin’
Care, don’t carry
Let the good times stroll
They see me strollin’


Canopy with viewing hatch

Adjustable backrest

Three-point belt with bracket

Storage tray

Ride-along board

Shopping hooks

Robust and warm seat


The sharing economy is built by a caring community: Strollo users have an eye out for the future generation. They believe ownership is not about buying stuff, but about owing up to your planet and fellow humans. That’s why we share resources to minimise impact and maximise enjoyability for everyone. That’s why we choose products that are ecologically justified, reusable and recyclable.

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